Nordheat NH100® series boilers for woodchips, straw or woodpellets

A series of hot water industrial boilers for smaller heat requirements.

The systems cover requirements between 11KW and 100KW.

These boilers use familiar technology from larger systems and include
well-dimensioned fire tubes, water in all compartments as well as all
surfaces being covered giving difficult fuels access to the boiler.

NH 100®-systems use wood, straw and other types of biomass for com-

Nordheat NH200® series woodchipboiler, strawboiler, woodpellet boiler, wasteboiler, wastewood boiler, hotwaterboiler and steamboiler

A series of boilers intended for larger buildings such as agriculture,
industry, schools etc.

The systems cover requirements between 200KW and 5,5MW.

The boilers are equipped with features such as a step grate, a special
air distribution system, automatic ash removal and much more.

NH 200®-systems use woodchips, straw, pellets and many other types of biomass
for combustion. Amongst this wastewood as WID compliant.

Nordheat NH300® series district heat boiler as woodchipboiler, pelletboiler, strawboiler, hotwaterboiler and steamboiler. WID boilers

These systems are manufactured as turnkey projects in accordance with
specifications drawn up by Nordheat in cooperation with the customer.

The systems cover all requirements from 1MW and up.

They are designed for hot water heating or steam systems for process and
industrial application. NH 300®-systems can be built with a wide range of
different equipment adapted to the customer’s needs and requirements.

This series is usually used for larger industries, district heating plants and
other places that require high heat efficiency.

Boilers are WID compliant

Equipment enabling electric production can be added to these systems as
can extra equipment such as ORC systems, turbine plants or solar heating

Nordheat NH400® series as strawboiler, woodchipboiler, pellet boiler, hotwater boiler or steamboiler in prefabricated building

A series of full systems from 50KW to 6 MW based on all types of biofuels as straw, woodchips, pellets or wastewood WID compliant
These systems are manufactured as turnkey mobile energy centres,
where only water and electricity need to be connected before the production
of energy can begin.

Nordheat NH 400® exists in a number of standard designs with the primary
focus on price and quality.

The NH 400® standard system can be supplemented with a number of
additional choices such as back-up solutions, ICS systems, multipurpose
solutions etc. to adapt to the requirements.

We look forward to engaging in a more detailed dialogue about our NH 400®
mobile systems.

Boilers are WID compliant