Nordheat biomass boilers, thermal solar and heatpumps

Nordheat is established in Denmark and Norway and has partners in several countries.

We provide all types of energy plants primarily focusing on renewable energy. Our products counts biomass plants as woodchip boilers, straw boilers and pellets boilers. Furthermore we supply with thermal solar systems and heatpumps. Our boilers are constructed as multifuel boilers and are therefor both straw boilers, woodchip boilers and pellet boilers at the same time. Our boilersystems are also comlpliant for use with wastewood according to european norms as WID.

Our core competency is securing the highest level of quality in our solutions as well as providing the best customer service.

In every phase, from the introductory engineering of a plant and until it is put into operation, Nordheat focuses on quality
and customer satisfaction. Once an energy plant is put into operation, Nordheat manages the operation and service of these
plants for a number of customers.

Our objective is to appear as the preferred organisation which, through our green profile, can provide sustainable solutions
covering all types of energy.

A Nordheat solution covers all areas such as project engineering help, component sales, turnkey project delivery, service
agreements on all types of existing plants etc.

Contact a Nordheat Staff member to hear more about our solutions and possibilities or browse the website for more information.